The ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Director Believes The Film Will ‘Scare The F*ck Out Of’ Misogynists

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Terminator: Dark Fate is the first film in the long-running franchise to star both Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger since Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Not so coincidentally, that was also the last good Terminator movie.

Hopefully Dark Fate, which has a talented director in Tim Miller and James Cameron as an executive producer, can break the streak of mediocrity. Beyond more Sarah Connor and T-800, this is a good start: Miller promises the film, and specifically Mackenzie Davis’ character, will “scare the f*ck out of” misogynists.

“If you’re at all enlightened, she’ll play like gangbusters,” Miller told Variety when asked about the reception Davis, who plays a “soldier-assassin human-machine hybrid” named Grace, should receive at San Diego Comic-Con. “If you’re a closet misogynist, she’ll scare the f*ck out of you, because she’s tough and strong but very feminine. We did not trade certain gender traits for others; she’s just very strong, and that frightens some dudes. You can see online the responses to some of the early sh*t that’s out there… I don’t give a f*ck.”

For the Halt and Catch Fire-heads out there, this is the big break for Davis all seven of us have been waiting for (Cam and Donna 4ever). She’s reason enough for optimism for Dark Fate. Well, her, and Linda Hamilton doing this.


Terminator: Dark Fate opens on November 1.

(Via Variety)