The cast of ‘Arrow’ needs to go to Fresno to solve THIS mystery

One of the unsung heroes of television production are the set designers. It”s their job to bring each location to life, whether it”s accurately reflecting a real-life place or infusing a set with a character”s personality. The camera may never linger on the knick-knacks placed on desks or the pictures and portraits hanging on walls, but that doesn”t mean someone didn”t put a lot of thought into what kind of cereal the protagonist eats for breakfast.

Sometimes, there”s even a potential storyline waiting to happen. Just sitting there, waiting to be noticed.

One such possibility is sitting in the office of Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) on The CW”s Arrow. Nestled in the corner, hanging along with other commendations to Lance”s illustrious career, sits this award. When I was on set, I snapped a photo because it intrigued me. What was the story behind this? When did Quentin Lance live and/or work in Fresno? What brave deeds led to this citation?

Perhaps Paul Blackthorne could shed some light on his character”s mysterious past. Or not. When asked about the Fresno award, Blackthorne was hilariously surprised.

First I”ve heard about it! I know I”ve got a little wooden elephant on the desk to bring attention to poaching. I”m gonna go and check and check it out. What did I do? [laughs]

So what do you say, Greg Berlanti? Is it time to uncover Quentin Lance”s secret past? I think so.