‘The Daily Show’ Hits The Street With Michael K. Williams To Cover The Odd Battle Over The Gun Emoji

The gun control debate recently gained more fuel for the fire with the tragic events in Ft. Lauderdale, but The Daily Show decides to shine a little light on one of the odd sides of the debate currently raging in your app store. Roy Wood Jr. hit the streets of New York to talk with the group New Yorkers Against Gun Violence about their efforts to get the gun emoji removed by Apple from their collection. And it worked. Back in August, the group pressured Apple for the change and it went through, replacing the generic handgun with a water pistol.

Where The Daily Show comes into play involves the people who are against the change and miss the handgun emoji. When you can express how much you enjoy shooting ammo out of a real gun in your posts, tweets, and texts, you start to feel like you’re not living in America anymore. Like what would the founding fathers think about such things. Would it be shame or it would be a little like the way it’s portrayed in this segment? I’d like to think the joke about how people from other periods of time would treat technology like the devil’s work will never die.

Michael K. Williams makes an appearance to promote Black Market and show how you can still get your gun emoji online for a price. You have to be willing to spend .99 cents, but I think the amount of weaponry you’re packing after the purchase makes it worth it. If you could somehow transfer it all to your Call Of Duty setup, you’d be set.

(Via The Daily Show)