‘The Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart Skewers The Malaysian Flight 370 News Coverage

03.25.14 6 Comments

Having gone on hiatus right before the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 broke into the news cycle, 'The Daily Show' had a lot of catching up to do when they return to the air last night. With no one around to use the power of satire to keep them in check, CNN went all-in on their coverage. Maybe a little too all-in. When you're bringing up psychics and questioning if this missing flight is a harbinger of  a black hole is about to engulf the Earth, perhaps it is time to take a break.

But CNN wasn't the only major news network who was out of control trying to fill their time slots with information about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Not about to let their competitor get all the ratings, Fox News had their own take on what qualifies as suspicious about this missing airliner.

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