The first ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer dropped, and the new team is already winning us over

The first trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie just hit the web – it”s got something weird, and it does look good.

That something weird is Kate McKinnon, bringing a kookiness to the new team of ghostbustin” ladies. She”s the nutty nuclear engineer, and it”s coming into focus just what everyone else brings to the squad: Kristen Wiig”s particle physicist has a vulnerability a bit like her Bridesmaids character Annie (poor Wiig is the one who gets slimed in this trailer), and Leslie Jones has a powerhouse presence. As for Melissa McCarthy, it”s not totally clear what brand of comedy she”ll deliver since McKinnon”s already claimed the out-there spot, and also because, you”ll see, McCarthy”s ghostbuster is not quite herself during this whole trailer.

Check out the trailer below:

That “power of Patty compels you” moment? That developed on set with a little improv and a little re-writing, director-co-writer Paul Feig told press and fans at an event on Wednesday when Sony screened the trailer. So many of the 1984 movie”s memorable lines came from the cast, especially Bill Murray, ad-libbing on set, and it looks like we”ll get some of that from this cast of SNL veterans. I wouldnt call this trailer packed with laugh-out-loud moments, but it“s promising, and I would hope the Sony marketing team is holding onto some of the movie“s brightest comedic gems for later.

Photo credit: Rich Polk/Sony Pictures Entertainment
The group of about 60 fans at the trailer screening was mostly adult, mostly men, but there was one 5-year-old girl named Grace there with her dad, the two in matching jumpsuits and proton packs. When I asked Grace what she thought of the trailer, she said, “I liked it but a little scary.” And what”s her favorite part of the first Ghostbusters movie? “I like that they bust the ghosts.”

Notice that Chris Hemsworth gets only one very brief shot in this trailer. That certainly makes a statement about who Sony wants to spotlight in the early marketing for this, and it may also be a hint that there”s more to Hemsworth”s secretary character than the studio wants to reveal right now. (Just you wait though – I bet they”ll end up giving that away in the next trailer.) The Lego set for the new Ghostbusters movie may have already provided a clue about Hemsworth”s character”s fate.

And how cool was it to see this team of scientists bustin out their slick, new proton packs?? Another fun nod to the tech of the first film: We get to see McCarthy wear some headgear reminiscent of what Spengler puts on Rick Moranis in the original movie.

Ghostbusters opens in theaters on July 15, 2016.

Update 10:56 a.m. ET: This article has been updated with the correct quote “power of Patty compels you,” which I misheard as “power of pain compels you.” (Patty Tolan is the name of Jones” character.) The Ghostbusters Twitter account set me straight about that line. Either way, it”s a funny twist to the line we”ve heard in so many exorcism stories, including the preeminent film of that sub-genre.