Ava DuVernay influenced JJ Abrams on a vital ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ scene

10.19.16 1 year ago

When fans hear the word “reshoots” they tend to get nervous, assuming that means the film was bad in some major way and needed a big fix. Sure, that's been known to happen but usually a reshoot is for the little things. And it's the little things that can make a great film as J.J. Abrams learned after showing director Ava DuVernay an early cut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This week, Disney/Lucasfilm have been rolling out sneak peeks at the extras from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens four-disc 3D Collector”s Edition blu-ray. Yahoo had the exclusive debut of another one featuring Rey with Abrams' commentary. It's the fight scene between Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver's Kylo Ren which one would have assumed was a single block of performances. Apparently not.

Here's a transcript:

“I showed an early cut to my friend Ava DuVernay and she had a bunch of great suggestions. One of them was that she really wanted to see Daisy, in her attack on Ren coming up, to have one really cool moment. I'll show you the shot we ended up getting per her suggestion. But we always had this moment [Kylo and Rey close quarters] from when we shot it originally, and this used to be where she called him a monster and then pushed back. But instead we shot this and had her take this moment of hearing the Force and thinking about what Maz had told her about closing her eyes and letting it in. And so she has this incredibly internal moment that is extended in movie time where she basically feels it, accepts it, and is now ready to kick his ass. So here's the shot we got from the reshoots, this one here [Rey kicks Kylo back] Boom! It was a little thing but it really connects you to her intensity.”

Good decisions all around. Job well done!

(via /Film)

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