‘The Giver’ star Brenton Thwaites on how Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges surprised him

Turns out working with Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges isn't as intimidating as you might think.

“It was [intimidating] at first, but you know, they're kinda so chilled out that you just don't really worry about it after awhile,” said “The Giver” actor Brenton Thwaites (a.k.a. Jonas) of his legendary co-stars at San Diego Comic-Con. “When you meet such famous actors that you're been watching since you were…since I was like five years old…you get this kind of image in your head of what they'll be like, and the reality of how they really are always surprises you. I guess with Jeff and Meryl, they just surprise me on how cool they are, and how it's the same for all of us, you know?”

So they're actual human beings? How is this possible? Certainly Brenton's co-star Odeya Rush will give us some dish?

“Well the thing is, you don't think about it as you're filming. You're not like, 'oh my god, Meryl's right next to me,' cause she's just so normal and sweet and nice that you're not…she doesn't give off any shield or any kind of intimidation,” said Rush (a.k.a. Fiona) to my utter disappointment. “Both her and Jeff and everybody in the cast, and Katie [Holmes] and Alex [Skarsgard] and Brenton and Cameron [Monaghan]…and Taylor [Swift], they're just really open and welcoming so that you don't…you're not feeling scared or intimidated when you're around them.”

Well, shoot.

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