The Joker is electrifying in his new ‘Suicide Squad’ photo

It”s been a while since fans have seen an official photo of Jared Leto in full Joker regalia. The trailer has since confirmed that yes, those tattoos are officially part of this iteration of Batman”s nemesis. But we”d yet to see if the Joker would be – you know – wearing clothes in “Suicide Squad.”

Now we know, thanks to the upcoming cover of Empire Magazine. The issue appears to be delving deep into the world of “Suicide Squad” and Leto is front-and-center. Does this mean Joker plays a bigger role in the film than description have led us to believe or do the marketing people just know a controversial favorite generates buzz?

Or both? The answer is almost always both.

Image Via Jared Leto

If you weren”t a fan of this look for the Joker, it”s doubtful anything will bring you around at this point. If you loved this direction, this will just solidify your opinion. The line in the sand is drawn. Which side do you fall on?

“Suicide Squad” arrives in theaters on August 5, 2016.

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