‘Star Wars’ Fans Are Freaking Out At The Implications Of Monday Night Football’s ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer


Breathe. Just… Breathe. We know it’s been nearly six months since the last proper full-length trailer for The Last Jedi (we’ve got some teases), now with the impending December 15th release date inching ever closer, Star Wars fans have been worked into a fever pitch. Now, exhale. The new trailer is here, and even if director Rian Johnson said it should be avoided if you want “fresh eyes,” we know everyone watched it multiple times over.

And Johnson was probably right. It seems like we should’ve avoided this trailer if we wanted to go in with fresh eyes. Adam Driver delivers a dark whisper as Kylo Ren, saying: “Let the past die if you have to, that’s the only way you become what you’re meant to be.” Then Ren’s mother, General Leia, is shown on-screen. Is her son going to kill her just like he killed his father, Han Solo?

And what’s with Rey? Is she going full bad-girl? Yes, fans are freaking out.



Here’s a bit of amazing Photoshop that made our entire staff’s heart skip a beat, but don’t worry — it’s fake.

It must’ve been cool to see in Chicago’s Soldier Field. Check out the storm troopers: