The next ‘Too Many Cooks’? Adult Swim’s twisted new short is legitimately horrifying

“Too Many Cooks” was one of the most thrillingly strange things to come on our radar in awhile, and it's hard to imagine Adult Swim will ever top that bit of creative madness. But their latest short, the banally-titled “Unedited Footage of a Bear,” is arguably even darker. The titular footage in fact only takes up a small portion of the 10-minute clip, which gives way to a pharmaceutical ad which itself gives way to a horrifying suburban nightmare that feels like “Mulholland Drive” mixed with ABC's “The Middle” – but even weirder than that sounds.

I love stuff like this. It's daring and provocative and seems to be about something, even if I'm not quite sure what that is yet. Pitch-black satire of consumerism? The evils of the pharm industry? Suburban malaise? One thing's for sure: I'll never look at a Claritin ad the same way again.

(via Mashable)