Here’s The First Look Of Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’ Sporting The Latest Version Of His Iconic Costume

We will have to wait until later in the year for The Punisher to premiere on Netflix, but the countdown is officially on following the premiere of The Defenders. Not only did we get a brand new teaser trailer at the end of the series, similar to what we’ve seen Netflix do in the past with some of their series, but now we have a look at Frank Castle sporting the iconic skull look he’s known for in the comics. While it isn’t the most traditional look and there’s not a white boot to be found, he does look menacing and likely not a person you’d want to meet anywhere during your pitiful existence.

Another thing that’s clear from Castle’s look in this photo is the military influence that star Jon Bernthal discussed during the show’s Comic-Con 2017 panel. It’s a tactical look as opposed to a superhero and that’s what has proven to be most successful with the character in recent years.

The trailer didn’t give us a firm release date for the series, but it seems we can expect it before 2017 closes out. It might seem like time is short, but with Netflix premiering original series almost weekly right now and $7 billion already announced for original programs in 2018, they’re keeping on track with their plans.

(Via Netflix)