The Top 100 comics of 2013, #100-76

(CBR) The end of one year and the beginning of another means a time for traditions, and CBR is here to share our very favorite way to turn the clock: counting down the Top 100 Comics of the Year!

Each year, we wrap our coverage of the comics industry with a massive, extensive and intensive cataloging of the best comics released over the past twelve months. To make our rankings, every CBR staffer — from the homepage news hounds to the pontificating columnists and from the up-to-the-minute bloggers to our intelligent reviewers — chips in their list of favorite comic books, web comics and graphic novels for an all-out cage match to determine the Top 100.

2013 saw a record number of participants in this experiment with just over 40 staffers nominating over 200 comics for consideration. While the comics industry continued its strong swing of sales and critical love this year, the prevailing sentiment amongst the staff was that there were few undeniable breakout comics published of late. That’s not to say there weren’t many amazing and entertaining books written, drawn and released in 2013. But while past years have had obvious hot ticket favorites amongst readers, this year was more of a wide open field. Who’ll take #1? You’ll have to wait to find out.

Today, we get things rolling with entires #100 to 76. And while the high quality of the books that just barely missed our list were top notch, Team CBR feels that the books that ranked represent some of the very best comics on the market today. Get rolling below, and stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2!