‘The Walking Dead’ casts its sword-wielding Michonne

With its second season wrapping up on Sunday (March 18) night, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” announced another key piece of casting for the zombie drama’s third season.
Danai Gurira has been cast as Michonne, one of the characters most eagerly anticipated by fans of Robert Kirkman’s comic series.
Gurira was one of the female leads in Tom McCarthy’s Oscar nominated drama “The Visitor.” Her TV credits include guest spots on “Life on Mars,” “Law & Order” and “Lie to Me,” plus a recurring role on HBO’s “Treme.”
[Spoiler warning for people who haven’t watched the “Walking Dead” finale yet…]

[Last warning…]

[OK, then…]
“Walking Dead” viewers have already had their first introduction to Michonne as the sword-weilding, hooded figure saving Laurie Holden’s Andrea in the closing moments of the finale. 
Without spoiling things any further, Michonne plays a mighty big role in the developments to follow in Season 3 of “The Walking Dead,” developments that include the prison spotted in the distance in the closing shot, as well as the character of The Governor, played by David Morrissey.
“The Walking Dead” will return to AMC in October.