This Woman is So, So Angry at Bath & Body Works

YouTube rants are a dime a dozen, but this right here is the ultimate NSFW rant against the ultimate candle company, Bath & Body Works.

Let's allow the woman in this video, a mad-as-hell Neenah, WI native in a Green Bay Packers sweatshirt, to speak for herself: “I am a nice person. I really am. But this was so uncalled for I had to let you guys know what happened. I am seriously thinking about not going to Bath & Body Works for the rest of this season. WARNING! Vulgar Language! Extreme Ranting! I am an ANGRY blonde!!!”

She might not go to Bath & Body Works for the whole season. True rage.

The real question here is: Does she like Peach Bellini candles or not? She bought them, sniffs them like a varnish addict, but then wants to exchange them for other candles? Confusing. What a fair-weather Peach Bellini fan.