Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will reprise their roles in ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will reprise their roles in “Toy Story That Time Forgot”
For the 2nd Pixar TV special, airing Dec. 2, the gang will need the help of Trixie the triceratops as it faces a group of “dangerously delusional” action figures.

Jan Hooks was a reminder of why “SNL” is at its best as a live show
With the increasing focus on taped sketch shows like “Key & Peele,” “Portlandia” and “Inside Amy Schumer,” Hooks is a “reminder of what ‘SNL' could be at its best-a live show capable of becoming and taking on anything, depending on what the week calls for,” says James Poniewozik. “And for that, you need players like Hooks: versatile, game live performers who can disappear into a role. Performers like her are a kind of human special effect, creating the canvas on which the show replicates the world.” PLUS: “She was totally amazing as a sketch player,” says Kevin Nealon.

Cable channels are starting to suffer from “cord-shaving”
The biggest cable channels are seeing a “troubling trend”: Cable subscribers are opting for skinnier bundles of channels.

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What 5 songs will Katy Perry sing at the Super Bowl?
Will she sing “I Kissed a Girl” to the NFL”s Super Bowl halftime audience? PLUS: The Super Bowl gives Perry something she”s always sought – credibility.

“Gracepoint” and “A to Z” dip in Week 2, while “Bad Judge” retained its demo audience
Meanwhile, ABC”s Thursday lineup is up with Shondaland shows, despite all three slipping slightly last night.

Robert Plant gave Stephen Colbert a joint
“I never thought I'd start an interview by saying 'I touched Robert Plant's butt,'” Colbert joked on last night”s “Colbert Report.”

“Under the Dome” will stay in North Carolina despite the state scaling back its tax incentives
For its first season, “Under the Dome” received an $8.3 million rebate for filming in North Carolina.

Andy Cohen: Why we demoted Porsha Williams on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”
It was because she didn”t provide enough story material, he says. PLUS: Phaedra Parks ending her marriage to her jailed husband.

Magnum photo agency to get a “Magnum” TV drama from “Downton Abbey” producer
“Magnum” will chronicle the story of the famous photographic cooperative.

Letterman “auditions for “The Young and the Restless”
See Dave don a mustache.

Jimmy Kimmel pranks his Aunt Chippy with a fake sonogram of her unborn grandson
Watch as the unborn grandson gives her the middle finger — before morphing into an image of  Kimmel.