Toni Collette And Thomas Haden Church Are Teaming Up For A Unique Indie Comedy

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Toni Collette and Thomas Haden Church are returning to the big screen, and their new project sounds like the perfect partnership for two talented actors. The former United States of Tara star and current Divorce headliner will play an English teacher and a lonely drunk, respectively, in upcoming indie comedy Shriver. From the sounds of things, the project is perfect for both performers’ comedic sensibilities and abilities to make awkward situations ring not only true but hilarious as well. According to reports from Deadline, Shriver will center on,

Shriver, a depressed [and] often inebriated loner, is mistaken for a renowned but reclusive author with whom he shares a name. He suddenly finds himself the subject of adulation and the center of attention at a writers conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of the book written by the real author.

Suffice it to say, once that happens shenanigans ensue between Shriver and Collette’s conference organizer with the interaction leading to a variety of problems — especially once the real Shriver shows up and throws a wrench in the whole “identity theft” thing. Both actors are Emmy winners and have been nominated for Oscars, so the intriguing yet loose nature of the material combined with their skills bouncing off each other sounds like the recipe for a quality, enjoyable comedy.

(via Deadline)