Trailer for Jon Stewart’s ‘Rosewater’ finds Gael García Bernal clinging to hope

And there it is. On the heels of that poster this morning, and a handful of early reviews, the trailer for Jon Stewart's “Rosewater” has finally arrived.

Critics have been mixed on it but I don't know. This has a charm to it. There's a tone here that I didn't quite expect. Indiewire smacked it with “Imagine a rousing 'Daily Show' episode without the jokes,” but that seems rather cynical (not to mention the fact that the world of current events often plays out like a rousing “Daily Show” episode without the jokes).

Anyway, audiences in Telluride and Toronto will be able to make up their own mind in due time. For now, you can check out the trailer yourself at the top of this post and tell us what you think.

The first Telluride screening of “Rosewater” goes down Friday Aug. 29 at 9pm MDT.

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