‘Transformers 5’: Josh Duhamel returns to play Lennox

The new Transformers movie is starting to take shape.

The day after it was announced that the next flick about the robots in disguise will be titled Transformers: The Last Knight, word is out that Josh Duhamel will be back to play William Lennox.

In a Twitter post, Duhamel wrote, “Lieutenant Colonel Lennox reporting for duty. Let's do this.”

Duhamel expressed his excitement, not only about the movie but also about the chance for some relaxation time with fellow cast mate Mark Wahlberg. After Wahlberg congratulated him on his return to the movie, Duhamel added, “Looking forward to it. Don't forget to bring your golf clubs.”

The first four Transformers movies have been monster successes. Since they began in 2007, the franchise has raked in an unadjusted $3.7 billion worldwide, with the last two films averaging more than $1.1 billion.