Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Takes An Ornery Tour Of The Supporters At Trump’s Inauguration

Following up on his election coverage, Conan had Triumph The Insult Comic Dog visit the Trump supporters that ventured out in the nasty weather to see their candidate take the oath of office. The result was a tour through the different groups at the event, filled with red hats, bodily fluids, and enough scorn for a lifetime. Everybody seems to be in the best spirits, which shouldn’t be a shock given the meaning of the day, but they all also seem to be big fans of Betty White.

Triumph not only talks to some everyday supporters of Trump, handing out some updated red hats for some of the folks to wear, but he also chats with a few of the rough, tough Bikers For Trump that traveled to DC from across the country. They have a little trouble saying why they like Donald Trump without being hateful, but they come around to it.

There’s also a nice bit where Triumph goes down the list of all the things we’ve overlooked from FDR’s classic “fear” speech at his inauguration. Who knew that FDR was so in touch with the threat from the lizard people and chemtrails way back in the 1930s. Really makes you think about how long it has taken America to wake up.

(Via Team Coco)