Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Is Here To Save America In The Trailer For His 2016 Election Special

If there’s ever been an election season for lovable puppet scamp Triumph The Insult Comic Dog to poop on, the 2016 edition is it. Thankfully, the cigar-chomping extension of Robert Smigel’s brain and perpetually lifted right hand has been more than happy to poop on said election season with gusto.

Triumph’s latest bit of election correspondence and commentary has bubbled up in the form of Triumph’s Summer Election Special 2016, a Hulu-based cavalcade of mockery of everyone involved in this year’s circus. Popping up at conventions, in the streets and even putting on a delightfully deranged focus group that should scare the sh*t out of you, it’s a funny and frightening reminder that sometimes the only sensible person in the room is a Conan character that’s been kicking around since the ’90s.

“These people are not right-wing crackpots!” emphatically declares Triumph while standing in front of a Donald Trump supporter that looks like a mix of The Joker and a rodeo clown. “I’ve met right-wing crackpots and they’re much more coherent.”

We have the trailer for Triumph’s Summer Election Special 2016 (complete with Triumph sporting a Debbie Wasserman Schultz-inspired pasta coif) located at the top of the page for your ganderin’ pleasure. The special itself made its premiere today on Hulu.