USA announces premiere dates for ‘Psych,’ ‘Suits,’ ‘White Collar’ and ‘Sirens’

USA announces premiere dates for “Psych,” “Suits,” “White Collar” and “Sirens”

The debut of Denis Leary’s “Sirens” will be after the return of “Suits” on March 6.

“Sesame Street” recreates “The Lord of the Rings” with Cookie Monster

It’s “The Lord of the Crumbs.”

Tim Meadows is ticked off “SNL” did “Bill Brasky” without him

“Sorry ‘The Ladies Man’ bombed…if it would have done better they wouldn’t treat me like a red headed step child,” Meadows wrote on Facebook, adding, “I will never watch SNL again” and “F*ck them.” Later, he posted, “I feel better and after a Mimosa I take back everything I said before!

Check out Seth Meyers’ 1st “Late Night” poster

The poster announces a 12:35 start time on Feb. 24, though Fallon’s “Late Night” currently airs at 12:36 AM.

“Homeland’s” Brody storyline would’ve been better if it wasn’t so rushed

Last night’s developments would’ve been better off if it was spread over several episodes. PLUS: This episode proved “Homeland” didn’t jump the shark, what’s up with all the CIA incompetence?, and there was too much absurdity in this episode.

“Doctor Who’s” next season won’t be split in half
Steven Moffat says Series 8 will air as one complete run.

ESPN asks its on-air personalities to stop saying “sucks”

“This word is simply not appropriate for ESPN,” says a memo to the staff.

New Yorker editor joins NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage

David Remnick, an expert on Russia who served as The Washington Post’s Moscow bureau chief, will lend his expertise on Russian politics.

“Murphy Brown” cast will reunite on “Katie”

Candice Bergen, Faith Ford and more will mark the 25th anniversary on Friday’s show.

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