Video of the Day: ‘The Green Hornet’ – Kato Vision

There has been lots of speculation as to the quality of the upcoming “The Green Hornet” starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou, most notably that it is a 2D to 3D conversion. A process that can work if planned for, as in “Piranha 3D” but can fail miserably if done wrong as it did  in “Clash of the Titans.”

With the clips released we can see that director Michel Gondry may be playing with the technology and applying it in new and interesting ways. Take for example this clip “Kato vision.” For this stylized fight scene the image is cut, repeated and stretched which makes for a great look in 2D, and gets me pretty stoked to see it in 3D when it comes out. Enough so to make it the Video of the Day.

While we’re talking clips from “The Green Hornet” check out this one below with Edward Furlong and Christoph Waltz. Notable for two things: #1 it’s pretty hilarious, and #2 Hey look! It’s Edward Furlong! He appears to be making a comeback as a character actor playing scumbags. I only say this because I recently caught the remake of “Night of the Demons.” where Mr Furlong played a drug dealer.

“The Green Hornet” will open everywhere on Friday January 14th

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