Vin Diesel May Kick Off A New Comic Book Universe As ‘Bloodshot’

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Sony’s proposed series of films drawing from the universe of Valiant Comics just got a major shot in the arm with news that Vin Diesel is interested in coming aboard as Bloodshot, one of the most popular characters on the Valiant roster. Sony is hoping to turn the lesser-known comics publisher’s Harbinger and Bloodshot titles and turn them into five films, the start of a new cinematic universe to rival Marvel and DC.

In the comics, Bloodshot is a soldier whose body is enhanced by hundreds of millions of nanobots which give him inhuman strength, a Wolverine-style healing factor, and the ability to interface with any technology. He was created to fight the telekinetic Harbingers, but as with a lot of the folks put through classified supersoldier projects, it’s not clear whether Bloodshot was a willing participant. The process wipes his memory, and he soon escapes from his handlers in a bid to recover his past identity.

Fast & Furious producer Neal Moritz is set to produce the films, which we’re sure doesn’t hurt chances of locking Diesel down in the role. As it stands, the plan is to launch the franchise with a Harbinger film based on the “Harbinger War” story from the rebooted 2012 Deadshot comic series and then move on to a standalone Deadshot film. Also of interest: Sony’s decision to let this new universe unfold with an R-rating, presumably inspired by other R-rated comics-to-movie success stories like Deadpool and Logan.

Diesel is already a part of the Marvel Comics Universe as the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, but this role as Bloodshot would put his face right up at the front of a possible new massive franchise. And as the top-grossing actor of 2017, he could help land some mainstream credibility to the Valiant comic universe Sony hopes to create. Hardcore comics fans should already be pretty hyped as over 80 million Valiant comics have been sold since 1992.