Vin Diesel Reigns As 2017’s Top-Grossing Actor, Edging Past The Rock For The Title

Aspiring Carpool Karaoke star Vin Diesel reigned supreme at the box office in 2017. Or as a coked-out movie marketing guy in the ’80s might scream into a mirror: Hollywood is running on Diesel power, baby!

Forbes has revealed that Diesel ranks as the top-grossing actor of the year with $1.6 billion in global ticketing receipts. The public’s insatiable appetite for the Fast and the Furious series plus the return of NONE MORE EXTREME action hero Xander Cage is largely to thank for the crown resting on Diesel’s very smooth head. Diesel’s totals could a touch more fuel to the possibly kayfabe feud going on between Diesel and Fate of the Furious co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Rock scored the silver medal spot in the Forbes year-end rankings with a more-than-respectable $1.5 billion total for his combined efforts. If Baywatch was the domestic hit the wrestling icon was envisioning, this race could have went differently.

The positioning of the top two slots plays into the Diesel vs Rock beef storyline, but the number three spot shouldn’t go overlooked thanks to that narrative. Gal Gadot sits in third position thanks to Wonder Woman‘s whopping $822 million worldwide total powering an overall total of $1.4 billion. She would have landed higher if Justice League didn’t underperform at the box office, but if nothing else this is just the latest bit of confirmation that there’s undeniable interest in a quality female-fronted superhero film.

I look forward to these Forbes top-grossing actor rankings producing some sort of $500 billion Vin Diesel + The Rock + Gal Gadot remake of Weekend at Bernie’s by 2020. Make it happen, Hollywood business types!

(Via Forbes)