Watch: 3 Doors Down’s ‘When You’re Young’ is oppressed by old white men

The last two albums from 3 Doors Down have taken No. 1 on The Billboard 200 chart, and with the help of single “When You’re Young,” they could take it again.

The mainstream rock act has set a July 11 release date for new set “Time of My Life,” a title possibly irreflective of their current mood as projected by their dour promotional photo. Additionally, there’s the music video to “Young,” in black in white and sad all over.

Featured is a beautiful model in sexy specs (she must be an artist!) oppressed by old white men while walking down the street. She is eventually knocked down by the suits, as suits are oft to do, and, naturally, is unable to hoist herself back up until a knight in H&M armor offers her his hand, as is the tendency of cute young graphic designers. Together they are able to battle the stream of The Man until the girl, damn her, isn’t strong enough to keep hold of hipster’s hand, and off she goes again, blind and likely to again tumble beneath the din of wingtips. (Professor Hoodie, on the other hand, should be OK; he’ll probably go ahead and take that job as an analyst anyway, but only for a couple of years y’know until there’s enough scratch to fix the van and we can tour again and don’t worry we’ll keep the practice space.)

The song is undoubtedly 3 Doors: the chorus is catchy and gigantic and beaten to death by a double-aggressive breakdown version at the end.

The band has a handful of tour dates for the U.S. in April/May and will be overseas for the majority of June. Check out all dates here.