Watch: ‘American Idol’s’ Scotty McCreery loves you this big in new music video

08.10.11 8 years ago 8 Comments

Scotty McCreery lets his friends do the heavy lifting in his video for “I Love You This Big”…literally.

His band plugs in monitors and gets the whole stage set up  going in the “American Idol” winner”s video for his first post-”Idol” single as he dreamily stares into space singing about how his heart starts pounding “when I look into your eyes.”

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As the teenager, who is singing for real currently on the “American Idol” tour, tries to convincingly emote and lip sync at the same time, friends gather around for a picnic and a homespun performance by McCreery with strung up lights.

Though he looks at a table of girls once, we never see who the object of his affections is. Instead, as night falls and he takes the stage to finish the song (and changes shirts magically), the pretty femmes he quickly glimpsed at earlier are pairing off with boy after boy. Fireworks go off behind McCreery and his band as his drummer plays some other song than the one we”re listening too and McCreery looks around at the wonder of it all.

It”s a cliched video about as bland as the country song (which is No. 19 this week on Billboard’s Country Songs chart), but it”s clear the goal is to start to establish McCreery as a performer, not as a stud muffin or put him in awkward acting situations yet. However, it really made me want to have a picnic and some watermelon more than go rush out and buy McCreery’s music).

Runner up Lauren Alaina debuted her video on Monday. Which one do you like better?

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