Watch: Andrew Bird gets animated in new video

05.30.12 7 years ago

This is Andrew Bird’s universe — we just live in it.

So states the indie singer-multi-instrumentalist’s new animated video for “EyeonEye,” which is equal parts “The Fantastic Voyage” and “Powers of Ten.” 

In it, the viewer is taken inside a very cool paper cut-out of Bird (hey, where’s the rest of the band?),  where a number of micro-men control his internal workings — and keep the universe in order. Once the machine breaks (should you ‘break it yourself’?), fireworks of musical creativity go off and the video becomes a seemingly endless loop of universes spawning universes. Don’t think about it too much or Andrew Bird will make your brain explode.

 Watch it here:

“EyeonEye” is the new single from Bird’s latest album, “Break It Yourself.” He and his band recently did a live version of the song online. 

Bird is touring Europe and North America this summer. 

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