Watch: Black Eyed Peas new video ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’

03.17.11 8 years ago

Travel to Japan with the Black Eyed Peas in their new video for “Just Can”t Get Enough.” If there was ever a band whose sterile, electronic, futuristic sound seemed like  perfect match for Tokyo”s forward-thinking sensibility, it”s the Peas.

The clip follows each member of the band as they travel through the bright, overwhelming metropolis that is Toyko, through that city”s equivalent of Times Square, the high-speed rail, into a club, etc.

It”s a different tune from the Peas” usual uptempo number in that it”s as close to a love song as the Peas get, as opposed to a party thumper. Plus, each member gets an extended spotlight, as opposed to just Fergie (who looks stunning here) and

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The video was filmed in Japan one week before the earthquake and tsunami, which the band notes with both a card at the beginning of the the video and another at the end with information about how to donate to relief efforts. For that alone, it gets a thumbs up from us. Plus, we like the scenery. Not that we’re one to give advice on giving back and the Peas are very philanthropically oriented, but wouldn’t it be nice it the Peas donated a certain amount for every view the video gets on YouTube?)

BEP will perform the song on “American Idol” Thursday (March 17) night. It is the current single from its sixth studio album, “The Beginning.”

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