Watch: Gossip rock a ‘Perfect World’ in a church

04.05.12 7 years ago 6 Comments

There’s always been something so delightfully self-aware disco-camp about Gossip, which makes their fashionable videos all the more joyful to watch. The band’s ‘s newest single “Perfect World” goes into deeper, shark-jumpier territory as the trio dons sepia tones in a church, and I’m OK with that.

Frontwoman Beth Ditto has fun with her vocal runs all over the amp-cranking tune. Her styling goes between nun-chic to goth-chick, vampiric baby bangs and stupid-long wigs. It starts dark, but gets a big splash of dorky color by the end.

The band was under the direction of Price James, who also helmed “Heavy Cross.”

“Perfect World” is on “A Joyful Noise,” due May 22. It’s their first album since 2009’s “Music for Men.”

“I spent the whole year listening to ABBA and not listening to the radio,” Ditto said in a statement on “A Joyful Noise.” Oh brother — and oh boy!

The band will be promoting it release-day with a show at New York’s Terminal 5. I prefer them live, so do that, even though Terminal 5 is questionable at best.

Tracklist below the video.

Here is the tracklist for “A Joyful Noise”:

  1. Melody Emergency
  2. Perfect World
  3. Get A Job
  4. Move In The Right Direction
  5. Casualties of War
  6. Into The Wild
  7. Get Lost
  8. Involved
  9. Horns
  10. I Won”t Play
  11. Love In A Foreign Place

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