Watch: Nas relives his divorce from Kelis in new video for ‘Bye Baby’

08.31.12 7 years ago

In case you hadn”t heard enough about Nas and Kelis”s 2009 split, he lays it all out for you, from his perspective, in the video for the new song, “Bye Baby.”

The clip features Nas talking into the camera as if he”s addressing Kelis, her wedding dress draped over his leg, as he goes into deep detail about her “trust issues,” why he walked away,  their 50/50 divorce split, and other intimate details.

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It”s a little uncomfortable to hear him talk about their personal life in such detail, over a refrain sampled from Guy”s “Goodbye Love” (“I guess you knew you blew a good thing”), including his referencing leaving her when she was 7-months pregnant with their son and going through counseling. The video, which is shot way too darkly, includes him unspooling home movie footage (which we don”t see), as he recounts their highlights (“I was your Johnny Depp, you were my Janis Joplin”) and the lowlights (“Half of your heart, half of your soul you”re leaving behind”)

Nas hasn”t given up on love though, as he says, “Next time I go around, I hope I pick the truest type.” You might want to show her this video as a primer on what you expect.

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