Watch: Nelly Furtado has a growth spurt in ‘Big Hoops’ music video

Nelly Furtado is definitely taking the lyrics of her new song, “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)” literally in the tune”s official video.

The attack of this 10 foot woman takes place as she strolls nonchalantly down the street, totally oblivious to her shorter minions gawking up at here in awe and/or terror.

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Her slo-mo striding is intercut w/ a normal-sized Furtado singing in a variety of get ups either solo against a bright red background or with some Native American dancers with hoops against a bright yellow background. These hoops may be part of some traditional dance that I don”t know enough to recognize, in which case, total respect, or the dancers all have mad skills with hula hoops. Every way, they”re the most interesting and colorful part of an otherwise pretty mundane video and a song that just does not get any better upon repeat listening.

In the final scene, Furtado grows even taller as she looks down over New York in her “Spirit Indestructible” t-shirt, which, coincidentally, is the title of her new album, out June 19.