Watch: Olivia Wilde discusses westerns and streaking for ‘Cowboys and Aliens’

Yes, she’s talking about streaking.

To answer a question a few of you had about the Harrison Ford interview yesterday, no, that’s not a green screen behind us with stock footage of cows and cowboys playing in the background. The press event was held on a ranch in Montana just outside of Missoula, and those are real cows, that’s a real field.

Usually these interviews are held in cramped and hot hotel rooms, and it’s not always the most pleasant experience for the actors who must sit there and give interview after interview all day long.

Here, instead of hotel rooms they had set up a row of tents that held all the lights and the equipment, with the back wall open to the field you see behind us. The ranch sent some cows and some cowboys to hang out back there as set dressing and the result is what you see in this interview.

Needless to say this was a nice change of pace, and a very relaxed atmosphere prevailed, which is probably why the subject of streaking came up.

I was Olivia Wilde’s last interview, and folks are usually pretty punchy by the end of these and she was no exception. The idea of her running naked among those cows as the other interviews were being conducted  is pretty funny, and I’m sure there’s plenty of folks out there who wouldn’t have minded it at all. You could imagine the startled looks… “Aaaaaaah!”

I had previously spoken to her this spring in Montreal on a set visit of a smaller film called “Blackbird” where she was co-starring with Eric Bana and Charlie Hunnam.  That entire film took place over the course of one weekend out in the snow, and Olivia’s costume consisted of a very small cocktail dress and pumps. It was cold in Montreal negative 20s territory. Having to work in below zero temperatures with that kind of costume is not easy. Neither is spending your summer months on horseback in the New Mexico desert as she did for ‘Cowboys.’

I asked her if her long studio/green screen shoot experience on “Tron: Legacy” had been so traumatic and claustrophobic that her next two projects involved extreme temperatures and mostly outdoor shooting. It was a joke, mostly, as she’s definitely the outdoorsy type, and was already very experienced on horseback.

Watch the interview embedded above, “Cowboys and Aliens” opens this Friday, July 29th. Click on the event box below for more information and for local showtimes.

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