Watch: Paramore’s spooky new video for ‘Monster’

Add another beautifully-shot video to Paramore”s video canon. The clip for “Monster,” which MTV2 premiered today,  opens with the band members floating face up (thankfully) in shallow water like displaced water lilies.
Luckily they dry off before they plug in their instruments and start to play the mid-tempo, tortured tune (which is also featured in the new “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” flick. The band is  in a broken down, abandoned hospital, surrounded by dead flowers and exploding light fixtures, and yet, there”s time to play, while they try to figure out what the freak is going on. There’s an unseen monster among them and this Scooby gang can’t figure out the mystery.

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None of if makes sense, but it  looks great and Hayley Williams remains a compelling, photogenic front woman.

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