Ron Burgundy interviews Peyton Manning, calls Peyton Manning a ‘succulent baby lamb’

Ron Burgundy is a man of many talents, and now the legendary San Diego anchorman has officially added another feather to his cap: national sportscaster. Indeed, the charming teleprompter-reader is bringing his formidable skills and predilection for emphasizing the letter “l” to SportsCenter this week, and ESPN has just released a preview of his hard-hitting interview with Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. Among the topics discussed: how Peyton Manning has managed to carve out a successful career without a mustache, what Peyton Manning’s relationship is like with Denver Broncos team mascot Thunder the horse, and Ron Burgundy’s days as scout team quarterback for San Diego State University. On a related side-note, Peyton Manning’s new official nickname is “Succulent Baby Lamb.”

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