Watch: scantily-clad Lady Gaga dances her way through new ‘You and I’ video

Maybe she needs to reassert her femininity following her alter ego Jo Calderone”s hi-jacking of the MTV VMAs or maybe Lady Gaga just wants to give us a little Labor Day treat.

In the first of a series of fashion videos for “You and I,” Momma Monster dances around in ballet shoes, a slinky negligee, no underwear, and minimal make-up through two minutes of the song.  She is in her “Nymph” persona, a character who appeared in the original “You and I” clip. Like that music video, the video was shot in Nebraska.

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Is the clip, for which LG is the creative director, just another side of Gaga for her to share with her minions or another step into living every moment of her life on film?