Watch the entire pilot for Disney’s ‘TRON: Uprising’ now

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Sorry if you don’t live in the US, because this one’s region-gated, I believe.

I’m not a big fan of the “TRON” mythology. I tried. I like the original film for what it represents, an adventurous move on the part of Disney, and I like the ambition of the sequel. I like the effort. I like the attempt. I just don’t think either film is very good, ultimately. They look cool. They seem to offer up a pretty amazing potential. But so far, dramatically, I’m not feeling it. I don’t connect to the goofy earnest nature of the original, and I really don’t understand the second one’s choices.

Having said that, I think that fandom is all about opening yourself up to something, and the only way to really fully enjoy something is to embrace the story being told or the world. Because I can’t really get my head around the reality “TRON” tries to create, I can’t go where they want to go story-wise.  There are plenty of you out there who do like it and buy into it and dig what they’ve set up that I’m curious if you enjoy new versions or expansions of that.

For example, I really do want to know what fans make of “TRON: Uprising,” the pilot for a new animated series that Disney XD is going to be running starting June 7.  I can see my kids digging this show and buying into it with a commitment that I can’t.  It’s sort of the “Star Wars” question… if you’re not telling the story of the main characters we already know, what stories do you tell, and how can those stories impact the larger world? 

It’s an impressive voice cast. It’s pretty striking on a  visual level compared to most of what’s out there in TV animation, and the way Alberto Mielgo and his team has taken the look of the films and turned it into a different kind of stylization is interesting, at least at first.

All I’ll say is that for a world of “infinite possibilities,” the world of “TRON” sure does look the same a lot of the time.

Tell me what you think of this:

“TRON: Uprising” begins June 7 on Disney XD.

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