Watch: ‘Walking Dead’ cast give a behind-the-scenes tour of Season 3

Woah, did you know Andrew Lincoln was British? Because I didn’t.

In any case, the “Walking Dead” actor, along with several of his co-stars and a few members of the creative team, have all pulled together to give fans a brand-new behind-the-scenes look at Season 3 of the blockbuster AMC series. So what’s in store for the beleaguered survivors?

“We have the introduction of new characters – some that have been announced, some that have not,” teased Laurie Holden (a.k.a. Andrea) with a smirk. Obvious (and previously disclosed) highlights in that vein include sword-wielding bad-ass Michonne (whose entrance into the series – SPOILER ALERT! – was memorably revealed in the final episode of Season 2) as well as The Governor, a villainous character with the potential to make life a living hell for Rick Grimes and his band of refugees. (Note: Michonne and The Governor will be played by Danai Gurira and David Morrissey, respectively).

Fans of the gorier aspects of the zombie-survival series can also be rest assured: the blood will definitely be flowing (and splattering, and running, and whatever else blood does) in Season 3. Says cast member Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) in reference to her carnage-stained shirt in the video: “As you can see, it’s gonna get messy.”

Perhaps the best line of all comes courtesy of the astonishingly-British Lincoln, who sums up the forthcoming season this way: “The pace of it is darker, harder, faster, deeper.”

Which is just how we like it, right folks?

Check out the full sneak-peek below and let us know what you think!

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