Once The ‘Westworld’ Timelines Get Unraveled, Everything Falls Perfectly Into Place

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11.30.16 27 Comments

Through nine episodes of Westworld, a lot of theories have been confirmed. We know, for instance, that Bernard is a host, and as I wrote after the third episode, “Ford built a new partner modeled after his old one, as he built a boy host in his own image” (I was wrong only in that it was Arnold who built the boy in Ford’s image). As we predicted after the second episode, we are also 100 percent certain that William is the Man in Black.

We also know there are multiple timelines; Dolores killed Arnold; and that Teddy’s memory of the Escalante massacre is fuzzy.

On the latter point, I also posit that Dolores is actually Wyatt. Wyatt, after all, is part of a backstory that Ford implanted into Teddy in the current timeline. Teddy was never actually in Escalante. Before this current timeline, as Ford notes in episode three, they “never bothered to give” Teddy a backstory, just a “formless guilt you will never atone for.” It was the backstory that began the waking process Teddy is now enduring with the Man in Black. But, to reiterate because it is important: Teddy was never in Escalante. This is what’s confusing to viewers. His backstory is a “small part of [Ford’s] new narrative, a fiction that — like all great stories — is rooted in truth.”

It never actually happened, just as Bernard never actually had a kid.

Teddy’s backstory is implanted. It’s why he can’t decipher the truth. Did he shoot all those people? Or did Wyatt shoot all those people and then turn his gun on Teddy. The truth is: Neither of those things happened, because Teddy was never there. That’s the “fiction.” I believe the “truth” is that Dolores is Wyatt, and that she committed the massacre — the one we saw in last week’s episode — and then turned her gun on Arnold before shooting herself. It’s Dolores, and not Wyatt, who “claimed he could hear the voice of God,” the very voices that Arnold implanted into the hosts in order to bootstrap the bicameral mind.

By combining scenes from the last couple of episodes, we can actually put the timelines together. Within the series, it can be confusing, because different timelines are spliced together as memories on top of memories.

Here, however, are the three different Dolores timelines, as she heads into the Escalante church and down into the basement of the control room.

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