Whoa! ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side’ synch up

Give yourself to the Dark Side…of the Moon, that is.

If you want to add a different twist to your next viewing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it apparently synchs up perfectly with Pink Floyd”s classic album The Dark Side of the Moon, this according to a Reddit board.

The instructions for getting going are pretty simple on the space/musical mashup. “Play the album after the crawl, when the camera moves from the stars to the ship that's flying over and eclipsing Jakku's moon (hint hint). Leave the ‘Repeat” on, it needs to be played 3 times in a row, one for each act, with no interruptions,” Reddit contributor KNNL wrote.   As for the connections, we don”t want to act as spoilers, but if you want to know them, check out the page.

This isn”t the first time Dark Side has been linked up with a famous film. The Wizard of Oz is long-known to have an interesting connection with the album that sold more than 50 million copies. Whether it”s the accompanying hallucinogens talking or not, that”s a matter of interpretation.

Here”s the first eight minutes of the movie and the album matched up. We”ll let you decide.