Why Nirvana Ruled: They Mocked ‘Teen Spirit’ Endlessly

Watching Lorde and Joan Jett sing the songs of Nirvana at the band's 2014 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction was satisfying enough, but the coolness of the performances reminded me of why Nirvana was so fun and interesting back in the early '90s: The band knew how to amuse themselves, and usually that meant they were flat-out hilarious. In this classic video, check out the band's ways of coping with performing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” again and again and again. Kurt's fake strumming remains a scream. And for more of their intra-band banter, enjoy this moment during their “MTV Unplugged in New York” taping when Grohl starts requesting they play “Jeremy.” Sidenote: When Lorde performs, most of the time she's just copying Eddie Vedder's faces from the “Jeremy” video. And in case you wanted to be sure that Michael Stipe, the man who inducted Nirvana into the R&R Hall of Fame, was also awesome, please watch his cameo in the early days of “The Adventures of Pete & Pete.”