‘Wonder Woman’ Casts A Famous Boxer In A Major Role

Ann Wolfe has a fairly impressive list of achievements already. She’s held titles in three different weight classes simultaneously, she was knocked out only once in her professional career, and now she’s a superhero. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has confirmed Wolfe will be taking on the role of the superhero Artemis.

Jenkins confirmed it on Twitter, after a sharp-eyed boxing fan noticed that there was a brief glimpse of Wolfe in the trailer:

It’s an interesting role to work into the movie. Artemis, in DC Comics lore, is part of a lost tribe on Amazons who, among other things, has subbed in for Diana as Wonder Woman on several occasions, given Batman a run for his money in the fistfight department, and is currently a member of the superhero group the Outlaws, where she kinda sorta gets along with the Red Hood (a former Robin) and Bizarro. Since she’s in the new trailer, training Diana to put fist to face in Man’s World, it’s safe to assume her origin’s been altered a bit.

There will also probably be at least a small bit of the usual whining since Artemis is a white redhead in the comics. But really they can shut down any complaints simply by referring them to Wolfe.

(via Blastr)