Patty Jenkins Shared Stories Of Some Kindergarteners Who Took Wonder Woman’s Message Quite Seriously


Warner Bros.

To be a bit cheesy, the world has indeed been waiting for Wonder Woman. The film from Warner Bros. and DC Films has been a runaway success, astonishing executives and delighting fans of Diana both new and old. Only in its second week, Wonder Woman has already grossed nearly a half billion dollars worldwide and shows no signs of stopping.

Women — including myself — have talked about how seeing Gal Gadot, Connie Nielsen, and Robin Wright battle with the hardened competence usually reserved for Spartans was a peculiarly healing visual. Sometimes you don’t know how badly you’re missing something until you see it for the first time. And while women have been given a variety of warrior roles by Hollywood over the years, they’ve never felt as complete as those given the women as Themyscira. But what about the next generation? The girls and boys who haven’t yet realized how striated role models are in American society? Based on this tweet shared by director Patty Jenkins, the next generation wants to be Diana, Princess of Themyscira.

Now, I can already hear the naysayers in the back. In the parlance of Internet language, “Pics or it didn’t happen.” And to you I say, shut up and just enjoy this. Is it possible these events didn’t transpire like this? Sure, maybe. But for once in our cynical existences where we embody the avatars of Squidward and the Grinch if they had the world’s surliest baby, let’s just take something at face value. That entertainment matters. That the media we consume shapes our worldview and our interactions with others. And that a world with Wonder Woman in it, might be changed for the better.

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