Alex G Gives A Vulnerable Performance Of ‘Miracles’ On ‘The Late Show’

After unveiling the movie score We’re All Going To The World’s Fair, Alex G prepared to release a new album for his discography, God Save The Animals. He previewed the LP with some of the most compelling singles of the year: “Blessing,” “Runner,” “Cross The Sea,” and “Miracles.”

He brought “Miracles” to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night in a clean, vibrant performance that captured the emotional weight of the song. He sounds identical to the recording as he sings earnestly: “How many more songs am I supposed to write?/ Before I can turn it off and say goodnight.” It’s a naturally vulnerable and intimate moment, surprisingly devoid of any onstage antics that the singer is known for.

About working with Alex G for the horror film score, director Jane Scoenbrun said in a statement, “I love horror films, but it was also important to me that my film feel more than just scary. I wanted it to feel gentle, sad, personal, and homemade: the kind of ‘horror’ movie that might make you cry. When Alex’s gorgeous, emotive ‘Main Theme’ enters during our opening credits (and then recurs in mutated forms throughout the movie), it’s meant as a signal to the audience of exactly this ambition.”

Watch his performance of “Miracles” above.