Alex G Unveils The Celestial ‘Main Theme’ From His Forthcoming Film Score

Singer-songwriter Alex G — formerly (Sandy) Alex G — has always made eccentric, cinematic tunes that evoke intense emotions. That’s why it’s very fitting that he recently announced that he’s releasing a film score for the forthcoming movie We’re All Going To The World’s Fair. He was tapped by the director Jane Scoenbrun, and he unveiled the first single “End Song” in March. Now, he’s unleashing the poignant “Main Theme,” the week before the soundtrack’s arrival.

The song is an eerie acoustic ballad that’s imbued with celestial energy by an incessant, high-pitched droning and vocals that are used as instruments, repeating unintelligible words that just become floating sounds. Despite the fact that this project is for a film, it’s obvious that he didn’t have to compromise his signature style for it. “I love horror films, but it was also important to me that my film feel more than just scary. I wanted it to feel gentle, sad, personal, and homemade: the kind of ‘horror’ movie that might make you cry,” Scoenbrun said of the track in a statement. “When Alex’s gorgeous, emotive ‘Main Theme’ enters during our opening credits (and then recurs in mutated forms throughout the movie), it’s meant as a signal to the audience of exactly this ambition.”

Listen to “Main Theme” above.