Indie Supergroup Boygenius Reunited To Work With Hayley Williams On Her Solo Album

When Boygenius — the supergroup featuring Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus — formed in 2018, it didn’t seem like the band was necessarily built to last. Their self-titled EP was created to promote their joint tour, and outside of the group, all three are busy with their own solo careers.

While the group hasn’t officially disbanded, there has been no news from the Boygenius camp since 2018… until now: The three have apparently reunited to contribute to Hayley Williams’ upcoming solo album, Petals For Armor. Williams is the subject of a New York Times profile, and part of the piece reads, “[Julien] Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus — the trio Boygenius — provide backing vocals on a ‘Petals For Armor’ song about ‘wilted women’ moving toward the light.”

This is just the latest collaboration for Bridgers, as she also worked on The 1975’s upcoming album. Meanwhile, Dacus is touring with Bright Eyes this year, and Baker capped off 2019 with a pair of new songs.

The future of Boygenius isn’t exactly clear. While, again, they never actually broke up, the three artists have moved on to other endeavors. Still, Baker said in a 2018 interview that further activity from the group isn’t out of the question: “We’ve all expressed a desire to make a full-length at some point, but I don’t know if that will happen, because we’re all engulfed in our own personal pursuits with prior engagements. But because there was no hype around this project, and because of so much freedom, I don’t feel like there’s an expiration date for it.”

Petals For Armor is out 05/08 via Atlantic Records. Pre-order it here.

Hayley Williams is a Warner Music artist. .