Khruangbin Teased A New Collaboration With Leon Bridges Called ‘B-Side’

Last year Khruangbin released their third full-length album, Mordechai, telling Uproxx’s own Steven Hyden that the international influence on this record, and their band in general, is partially due to the diversity of Houston. “It was very common for anybody from Houston to have friends from Pakistan or from Russia or from wherever because their parents were doctors or oil and gas people,” bassist Laura Lee said. “Therefore, you’re hanging out with them, hearing what their parents play when you’re at their homes.”

But even before that album came out, the band also released a joint EP with fellow Texan, Leon Bridges, called Texas Sun that expanded each artist’s sound quite a bit. In the last few weeks, the band announced another month of tour dates for 2022, and this year they also heralded some remixes for Mordechai songs on a 2021 EP, but now they it looks like they have more new songs with Bridges in store.

Today on Twitter the band teased a new song with Leon, who was busy releasing his own new album, Gold Diggers Sound, in July of this year. While Bridges isn’t from Houston like Khruangbin, he was born in Fort Worth, so they share the strong Texan connection. According to a Youtube countdown, the song is coming tomorrow, and aside from a series of emojis and a hosting website called “” that’s all the info fans have for now. Given the title of the first EP, it’s pretty clear “Texas Moon” will be another potential follow-up, so keep an eye out for the new song tomorrow, and perhaps more music together down the line.