Mod Sun Fans Broke Out In A ‘F*ck Tyga’ Chant At His New York Show, Led By Travie McCoy

Music fans these days are well known for being Incredibly loyal to their favorite recording artists but they are also known for being incredibly petty on their behalf. Just look at the audience from this Mod Sun concert in New York City; they gleefully chant “f*ck Tyga” at the behest of Travis McCoy, all because the Compton rapper has allegedly gotten cozy with Mod Sun’s ex, Avril Lavigne. TMZ also has another angle in which Mod Sun’s reaction can be seen.


Watch till the end where @traviemccoy leads a fuck Tyga chant 😂😂 #traviemccoy #nyc #modsun #avrillavigne #tyga #nyc #irvingplaza

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Rumors that Lavigne and Tyga had linked up first circulated in late February after they were seen leaving a trendy Los Angeles restaurant together. Of course, some fans were baffled at the connection given the fact that just last year, Lavigne was engaged to Mod Sun, who confirmed that the couple had broken up shortly after the Tyga rumors surfaced. The musician was reportedly devastated by the breakup but fortunately — for him, at least — he’s got friends like Travie McCoy to cheer him up by razzing his ex’s new man.

Avril and Tyga, meanwhile, seemingly confirmed their relationship when they were seen sharing a kiss at a Paris Fashion Week show. So, don’t be too surprised if more “f*ck Tyga” chants break out at Mod Sun shows for the foreseeable future.