Rostam Releases Part 1 Of The ‘Changephobia’ Remixes

Released this past June, Rostam’s Changephobia is already one of this year’s best albums. It shows the aesthetic that the former Vampire Weekend multi-instrumentalist and producer wanted to continue establashing on his own. Filled with tender songwriting, dream-like production, and a beautiful saxophone motif that underpins nearly every track, it’s can’t miss stuff.

Today, Rostam just put out the first of a two-part EP of Changephobia Remixes and it’s both a lovely companion piece to the album and a worthy standalone compendium of songs. Part I is highlighted by a swift hyper-pop spin on “Kinney” by PC Music’s A.G.Cook and a patio-ready backyard version of the album standout “4Runner.” On the latter, the duality of a banjo and acoustic guitar makes the track feel especially intimate, like you’re sitting at a table with Rostam and friends as they play their instruments — a scenario akin to his Tiny Desk (Home) Concert from earlier this year.

Listen to “4Runner” (Backyard Version) above and check out the Changephobia Remixes Part I & II tracklist and album artwork below.

Part 1

1. “Kinney” (A. G. Cook Remix)
2. “These Kids We Knew” – (AK Paul Remix)
3. “4Runner” (Backyard Version)
4. “From the Back of a Cab” (Billy Lemos Remix)

Part 2

5. “Bio18” (Tabla Version)
6. “4Runner” (Easyfun Remix)
7. “These Kids We Knew” (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)
8. F”rom the Back of a Cab” (Ben Bohmer Remix)

Changephobia Remixes Part I is out today via Matsor projects. Listen to it here. Changephobia Remixes Part II is out on 12/02.