Here’s Ryan Gosling Singing Matchbox Twenty’s ‘Push’ As Ken In The Hilarious ‘Barbie’ Movie

Happy Barbie Day! The long-awaited big screen debut of the most accomplished woman in history (sorry, Hilary) has arrived. So has the film’s soundtrack, which not only features expected pop-rap collabs like Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s “Barbie World” and FIFTY FIFTY’s Kaliii crossover “Barbie Dreams,” but also has the film’s co-star Ryan Gosling showing off some surprisingly adept vocal chops in his own sorrowful ballad, “I’m Just Ken.”

Gosling’s contributions don’t end there, though; a collection of Barbie bonus tracks released today by surprise also includes one of the film’s funniest Ken-related moments: His cover of Matchbox Twenty’s “Push.” No spoilers here, but if you don’t mind a few, you can check out our in-depth look at the plot circumstances here. Suffice it say that Gosling pretty much nails this. It’s funny as a concept, but he could probably whip this out at karaoke and have the ladies swooning (if he weren’t already… y’know… Ryan Gosling, the guy who did this in Crazy Stupid Love).

By the way, the Barbie movie itself is garnering a wide variety of reactions. While most have been positive, there are always outliers — mostly the sort of doofuses who think satires of little plastic people need to be “alpha males” and hate anything that empowers women (because then, they’re not the big-strong-men, you see). Of course, when even they are getting fed up with their own silly shenanigans, it seems that Barbie really can do anything.

Watch Ryan Gosling (as Ken) cover Matchbox Twenty’s “Push” up top.