This New Dad’s Facial Expression In The Delivery Room Is So Honest It Hurts


Becoming a parent is scary. There’s just no way around that. Bringing new life into the world — especially when the world always seems to have something really, truly, fundamentally wrong with it — can be nerve-wracking. Never mind the fact that being a parent is one of the few things that just about everyone agrees on being incredibly difficult. Look, complete morons are parents and they raised kids, hell, even our parents raised us and we all know how messed up they are.

Yet, nothing really can prepare you for the delivery room, where you have absolutely no control. That’s why it’s so easy to understand the look on this guy’s face. Because his partner’s in pain, man. And seeing her in pain is really awful. Just look at his face:

Or perhaps the crushing reality that life will never be the same again is washing over him. Because oh yeah, having kids is magical, but life as you know it is officially over. But at least the long nightmare of pregnancy is over, right? Well, now there is new life to be cared for and oh yeah, they aren’t very fond of sleeping for the first million and a half weeks.

Don’t listen to anyone, it is indeed a million and a half weeks.

(Via Cosmopolitan)